NAUI Scuba Diving Course

At BWH, we pride ourselves on providing a white glove scuba dive certification experience, offering flexibility and personalized scheduling for our students.

Flexible Learning and Diving Experience:

  • Learn and dive at your own pace and schedule.
  • Choose between private and semi-private classes, with a maximum of four people per class.

Our competition has up to eight people in each class and follows a rigid schedule. If you miss a class with our competition, they charge you $99 or more for an additional pool/ocean session at a later date.

Learn Scuba from the Experts at BWH!

Gear Handling:

  • We take care of all the gear for you – unlike our competition.
  • Our competition provides rental BCs, weights, tanks, regulators, etc., and leaves you responsible for storage, cleaning, and transferring of the gear. We handle all of this for you!

Class Includes:

  • E-Learning: Complete the course at your own pace and time, which typically takes approximately eight hours.
  • Two pool dives to reinforce what you have learned during the e-learning course.
  • Four ocean dives conducted over two days or based on your schedule.Ocean dives take place off the beach. Boat trips are an additional expense.

Scuba Gear:

  • We provide all scuba gear, including a wetsuit.
  • Personal gear (mask and snorkel, gloves, fins, booties) must be purchased.
  • As our student, you can enjoy a 10% discount on personal gear purchases.

A Full Day Channel Island Private Adventure

Ready to book an all day adventure in the least visited national park?


The price for a trip starts at $1595 and we can take a maximum of 6 guests (which can be made up of divers or a combination of divers, snorkelers and passengers who just want to go along for the ride.)


A Channel Island private adventure is a full day, approximately 10-hour adventure.  


The Channel Islands are located 28 miles off the Santa Barbara coast. For the few individuals that are fortunate to make it out, it’s a trip of a lifetime. On the trip out you might be lucky to see pods of dolphins, Grey, Humpback and Blue Whales. There are hundreds of different sea birds, and if you get lucky you can even see bald eagle that live on the island!

Our captains and guides know the islands inside and out. We can organize trips suited for all levels of freedivers, divers, fishing or sightseers. Freediving/diving or fishing is great along the Channel Islands.  Your group will have an opportunity to spear/hook a variety of fish including, White Seabass, Yellowtail, Lobster, Uni, Halibut, Sheepshead, Rockfish (Coppers, Vermillion and Lingcod) and much more.

We can provide the following for a extra charge:

  • Scuba equipment;
  • Cater Meals and drinks; and/or
  • High resolution photo above and below the water.


Want to book your Island Charter today? Give us a call or email and we will help you find a time that fits your schedule.