NAUI Scuba Diving Course

At BWH, we pride ourselves on providing a white glove scuba dive certification experience, offering flexibility and personalized scheduling for our students.

Flexible Learning and Diving Experience:

  • Learn and dive at your own pace and schedule.
  • Choose between private and semi-private classes, with a maximum of four people per class.

Our competition has up to eight people in each class and follows a rigid schedule. If you miss a class with our competition, they charge you $99 or more for an additional pool/ocean session at a later date.

Learn Scuba from the Experts at BWH!

Gear Handling:

  • We take care of all the gear for you – unlike our competition.
  • Our competition provides rental BCs, weights, tanks, regulators, etc., and leaves you responsible for storage, cleaning, and transferring of the gear. We handle all of this for you!

Class Includes:

  • E-Learning: Complete the course at your own pace and time, which typically takes approximately eight hours.
  • Two pool dives to reinforce what you have learned during the e-learning course.
  • Four ocean dives conducted over two days or based on your schedule.Ocean dives take place off the beach. Boat trips are an additional expense.

Scuba Gear:

  • We provide all scuba gear, including a wetsuit.
  • Personal gear (mask and snorkel, gloves, fins, booties) must be purchased.
  • As our student, you can enjoy a 10% discount on personal gear purchases.

Freediving Class

Learn to Freedive from the Experts at BWH!


$495 (Price may vary depending on season)

Extra $250 for boat trip out to the Channel Islands to complete the open water.


Three day course

Day 1: Lecture from 5pm-9pm 

Day 2: Pool dives and Lecture 9am-5pm

Day 3: Boat Trip  out to the Channel Islands for open water dive ($250)


This program provides the training and knowledge required to safely free dive to a depth of 60 or 90ft (depending on your experience). With a high emphasis on safety and comfort, students master the proper skills to effectively dive  depths up to 66 feet/20 meters. 

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Equipment Familiarity & Care;
  • Safe Diving Procedures;
  • Breath Hold;
  • Finning & Body Position;
  • And much more...


Want to book your Freediving Class today? Give us a call or email.