NAUI Scuba Diving Course

At BWH, we pride ourselves on providing a white glove scuba dive certification experience, offering flexibility and personalized scheduling for our students.

Flexible Learning and Diving Experience:

  • Learn and dive at your own pace and schedule.
  • Choose between private and semi-private classes, with a maximum of four people per class.

Our competition has up to eight people in each class and follows a rigid schedule. If you miss a class with our competition, they charge you $99 or more for an additional pool/ocean session at a later date.

Learn Scuba from the Experts at BWH!

Gear Handling:

  • We take care of all the gear for you – unlike our competition.
  • Our competition provides rental BCs, weights, tanks, regulators, etc., and leaves you responsible for storage, cleaning, and transferring of the gear. We handle all of this for you!

Class Includes:

  • E-Learning: Complete the course at your own pace and time, which typically takes approximately eight hours.
  • Two pool dives to reinforce what you have learned during the e-learning course.
  • Four ocean dives conducted over two days or based on your schedule.Ocean dives take place off the beach. Boat trips are an additional expense.

Scuba Gear:

  • We provide all scuba gear, including a wetsuit.
  • Personal gear (mask and snorkel, gloves, fins, booties) must be purchased.
  • As our student, you can enjoy a 10% discount on personal gear purchases.

Custom Wetsuits

Custom Diving Suits and Accessories

For information regarding custom wetsuits give us a call at +1 (805) 294-0013 or by email 

Free Dive Custom Wet Suit 

Full action cut pattern, lycra outside, honeycomb cell interior for a second skin feel and low restriction. Speargun cocking pad on chest, knife sheaths and ammo pockets available.

Semi-Dry Custom Wet Suit

Like dry suits, the Semi-Dry is sealed at the neck, wrists and ankles. Entry is through the back of the suit utilizing a waterproof zipper. But unlike a dry suit, there are no valves, so you don’t need to deal with buoyancy changes common to dry suits.

Measurement, Colors, and Repairs

We take over 30 measurements to get the wetsuits to fit you like a second skin.  Custom booties, speargun pad, knife sheaths and utility pockets and much more custom alternatives are available.

Our custom wetsuits are available in colors: army camo, olive camo, reef camo, kelp camo, tropical camo, and midnight black.

Our custom wetsuit craftsmen can also provide expert repair for any make or type of wetsuit with high quality repairs and alterations extending the life of your favorite suit.  Contact us for a repair quote.

Please read all instructions before beginning.

  • Please familiarize yourself with our wetsuit pricing and options before filling out this form. You will need to enter the suit and options you wish to purchase;
  • If you are getting fitted at our location at 117 Harbor Way # D, Santa Barbara, CA, 93109, please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the fitting and make a reservation in advance. We recommend you print this form and fill in the measurements by hand, then text or email us the completed form.  
  • Ask a friend to assist you in taking measurements;
  • Take your measurements during morning or mid-day;
  • Wear undergarments or bathing suit when measuring. Do not measure over heavy clothing;
  • Use a good quality cloth or vinyl measuring tape;
  • Double check all measurements;
  • Measure carefully to the nearest 1/4″. Round up if between 1/4″ marks. Write down all measurements in inches; and
  • For Weight Over 250 pounds Add 20%.