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Freediving and Spearfishing Videos

video_bluewaterhunters.jpg Blue Water Hunters Video
by Terry Maas Champion spear fisherman Terry Maas tells how he becomes not only hunter but prey, since when he silently stalks the creatures of the deep, at any moment a predator may streak out of the blue depths. This stunning documentary is about Blue Water Hunters, divers who travel to the magical islands of the South Pacific, the coast of the Baja peninsula and Costa Rica. They dive to depths up to one hundred feet below the surface of the ocean with only the air in their lungs, to explore an indigo world of beauty and mystery and to hunt giant tuna. Maas uses his video camera to record his experiences in waters frequented by friendly manta rays, playful seals and hungry reef sharks. A new adventure awaits the divers each time they descend below the surface as Blue Water Hunters.

video_freedivevid2.jpg Freediving Made Easy Video
by Terry Maas Companion video to Freedive! Join 4-time National Champion Dr. Terry Maas and teammate Bill Ernst, who guide you through the selection of your gear and basic freediving exercises--all designed to supplement your professional freediving instructor's course. How to select your gear Exercises to help you hold your breath, clear your ears and relax underwater Learn to enter the water and swim like a fish

video_freedivevid1.jpg The Joy of Freediving Video
by Terry Maas Companion video to Freedive! Terry Maas introduces you to the magical world of breath-hold diving. Discover the treasures of the underwater world. Freediving photography Underwater hockey Game gathering Freedive with monofins Deep diving

video_spearfishingpbfl.jpg Spearfishing the Palm Beaches, Florida Vol. 1 Video
Follow Chad Palan as seen through the lens of Tony Ludovico's camera while Chad hunts the reefs and wrecks of South Florida. Be part of the hunt with one of a kind footage looking down the barrel of Chad's gun from his Active-Eye head cam. Grouper, snapper, cobia, jacks and hogfish are all taken in this action-packed spearfishing video.

video_legendsoftheblue.jpg Legends of the Blue Video
Legends of the Blue is a story of one Hawaiian like many with deep roots through a long chain of ancestry and an almost inherent sixth sense about the ocean and the animals that inhabit the deep blue. The images in this video contain some of the last great scenes found in Hawaii. We feel fortunate to be part of the Legends of the Blue.

video_artofspearfishing.jpg The Art of Spearfishing Video
The Art of Spearfishing allows you to experience the union of the diver with the spirit of the ocean. Filmed in South Florida and the Florida Keys, this pure underwater adventure depicts the beauty of our last great frontier. Most freedive footage was filmed by freediving cameramen! Experts demonstrate how they locate, stalk and take their prey. 30 mins.

video_visionsofblue.jpg Visions of Blue Video
Visions of Blue captures various travel adventures throughout Central America and its adjoining islands. "This video is dedicated to my traveling companions, friends, and especially to the wonderful locals who assisted me on many occasions and made my spearfishing and fishing adventures more colorful and live." --Wendell Sasso

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