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OMER Spearguns

airbalete.jpg Omer AIRbalete Spearguns
Omer AIRbalete 80cm $555.00 $495.00  
Omer AIRbalete 90cm $580.00 $515.00  
Omer AIRbalete 100cm $600.00 $535.00  
Omer AIRbalete 110cm $630.00 $560.00  

omer-camanCarbon.jpg Omer Cayman Carbon Spearguns
Includes Reel.
Omer Cayman Carbon (w/ Reel) 75cm $425.00 $375.00  
Omer Cayman Carbon (w/ Reel) 90cm $455.00 $395.00  
Omer Cayman Carbon (w/ Reel) 100cm $475.00 $420.00  
Omer Cayman Carbon (w / reel) 110cm $495.00 $430.00  

caymanHF.jpg Omer Cayman HF (w Reel)
Omer Cayman HF (w/ Reel) 75cm $435.00 $380.00  
Omer Cayman HF (w/ Reel) 90cm $450.00 $395.00  
Omer Cayman HF (w/ Reel) 100cm $490.00 $430.00  
Omer Cayman HF (w/ Reel) 110cm $505.00 $445.00  
Omer Cayman HF (w/ Reel) 130cm $560.00 $490.00  

caymanhf2.jpg Omer Cayman HF2 (no reel)
Omer Cayman HF2 (no reel) 80cm $320.00 $280.00  
Omer Cayman HF2 (no reel) 90cm $335.00 $295.00  
Omer Cayman HF2 (no reel) 100cm $350.00 $305.00  
Omer Cayman HF2 (no reel) 110cm $395.00 $345.00  

OmerCaymanAlluminum.jpg Omer Cayman Alluminum Spearguns
Omer Cayman Alluminum Speargun (75mm) $225.00 $197.00  
Omer Cayman Alluminum Speargun (82mm) $230.00 $199.00  
Omer Cayman Alluminum Speargun (90mm) $235.00 $205.00  
Omer Cayman Alluminum Speargun (100mm) $240.00 $210.00  
Omer Cayman Alluminum Speargun (110mm) $245.00 $215.00  

omer_t20_oceanmimetic.jpg Omer T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic Spearguns
The T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic Speargun features a carbon barrel painted in blue camo to perfectly blend in with the blue latex slings and the camouflaged wishbones, as well as coordinate with the entire Omer Ocean Mimetic product line. Powered by 18mm bands, with an AISI630 Stainless Steel 6.5 mm diameter shaft.

Available in 5 different barrel lengths.

The T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic muzzle is designed to work with up to two circular bands in diameters from 16 to 20mm. The dimensions have been reduced to the minimum avoiding any visual impediment when aiming. The muzzle has been camouflaged in the same colours of the handle.

The general design of the handle and of the triggering mechanism are the same of the classic T20 speargun. The top, and most visible, part of the handle has been camouflaged through highly resistant 3D coating.

T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic features an additional ergonomic handle, designed to perfectly fit in the hand to allow perfect and quick aiming.

Shown with optional matching reel, available below.
Omer T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic Speargun 75 cm $300.00 $270.00  
Omer T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic Speargun 90 cm $320.00 $288.00  
Omer T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic Speargun 100 cm $340.00 $306.00  
Omer T20 Carbon Ocean Mimetic Speargun 110 cm $360.00 $324.00  

omer_excalibur2000al.jpg Omer Excalibur 2000 Aluminum Spearguns
The Excalibur 2000 spear gun series is the evolution of the Omer classic Excalibur speargun which was first introduced on the market at the end of the 1990’s. It is regarded as one of the best performance for value speargun on the market today.

Omer Excalibur 2000 features:

  • Top Energy 16 mm bands.
  • Excalibur FR “frictionless release” mechanism.
  • 28mm black anodized aluminum barrel.
  • Redesigned low profile muzzle with reel line guide.
  • Omer three piece articulated wishbone.
Available in 7 different barrel lengths.
Omer Excalibur 2000 Aluminum 110cm $190.00 $170.00  

spear_omertempest.jpg Omer Tempest 70 Speargun
$179.95 $161.95
Omer Tempest Pneumatic Gun 70cm. Highly versatile pneumatic speargun that features an excellent balance of power and maneuverability. Extremely reliable, this gun is the perfect solution for cave hunting and sneaking around reefs.

omer_speargun_cobra.jpg OMER Cobra Speargun

Powered by 18mm slings. Comes with an 6.5mm AISI630 stainless steel shaft. Circolare on 100cm and larger models indicates circular bands option.

OMER Cobra Speargun 90cm $690.00 $625.00  
OMER Cobra Speargun 100cm Circolare $790.00 $695.00  
OMER Cobra Speargun 115cm Circolare $833.00 $715.00  
OMER Cobra Speargun 130cm Circolare $905.00 $765.00  

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