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OMER Mimetic Brown Wet Suit


The coloration of this suit is a blend of different colors with variable intensities of brown dark blue and green. It is the ideal suit for all those who like to hunt inshore or in shallow waters where there’s a presence of vegetation.

The camouflage pattern is made to break up the image of the hunter so that he can blend in with the bottom. OMER was the first company in the world to come out with a camouflage wetsuit more than ten years ago, and continues to lead the market with this new exclusive camouflage pattern, designed specifically for spearfishing. The coloration of this suit allows the hunter to blend in perfectly with the reef sea bottom and confuse shy prey. Open cell interior for comfort and warmth.

The pants are a classic long john and the jacket features Omer standard plastic buttons. However, the long john top part can be cut away easily, for those who do not like this style of pants.

Suit Features

  1. Omersub camouflage suits are made with a very soft neoprene, nylon outside and open cell (bare rubber) inside. The technical characteristics are very similar to a standard Nylon/Cell neoprene suit manufactured with the best neoprene materials. Integral chest pad.
  2. The pre-formed attached hood ensures a dry seal and is contoured around the opening with a thinner neoprene skirt around the facial opening, 5mm in the 6.5mm and a 3mm skirt on the 5mm model.
  3. Because the inside of the suit is entirely made in open cell neoprene, it is advisable to pour some soaped water in the inside before wearing it. This will ease the dressing operation, greatly reducing the risk of damaging the suit. The beavertail holds firmly using a dual clip click in system shaped like a key slot to prevent opening.
Available in 5mm or 6.5mm. Please allow two (2) weeks delivery on certain sizes and thicknesses (limited stock).

Not sure of your size? Enter your height and weight on your order form, and we'll help you pick the right fit!
Omer Mimetic Brown 5mm Wet Suit $398.00 $354.00  
Omer Mimetic Brown 6.5mm Wet Suit $448.00 $399.00  

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