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OMER Cobra Speargun


Powered by 18mm slings. Comes with an 6.5mm AISI630 stainless steel shaft. Circolare on 100cm and larger models indicates circular bands option.

Three years of experience with the Master America speargun have been vital to the engineering of the OMER Cobra Speargun. OMER believes the result is the most advanced wooden barrel speargun on the market today.

Cobra Handle

Derived from the OMER classic T20 handle, but reengineered to greatly reduce its dimensions and weight. The handle is inserted in the wooden barrel and can be easily removed for maintenance and repairs.

The triggering mechanism is similar to the T20 handle and it is die casted in stainless steel AISI 304. The newly designed safety, manufactured entirely in plastic Grivory Gv5H, is positioned on top and can easily be operated.

The handle features an additional ergonomic handle grip. Both handle grips are moulded in a special thermoplastic material with 20% foam to increase the floatability of the gun. The quick line release and the reel guide are also manufactured in die casted stainless steel for maximum strength.

Cobra Muzzle

The muzzle is the same one featured by the Master America speargun. It is die casted in stainless steel AISI 304 and it is made in two parts. The top part, where 16mm and 18mm dia. slings can be mounted at a perfect angle of 90°, also features a small plastic shaft guide. The top part is assembled to the bottom part through two stainless steel screws which are protected by a plastic guide inserted in the wooden barrell. The bottom part, also manufactured in die casted stainless steel, features a line guide in axes with the direction of the shaft.

Cobra Barrel

The barrel of the Cobra is a monococque type, entirely manufactured from a single piece of laminated teak wood.

It is available in two sizes: 90cm and 100cm for assembly with tradition double slings. It is also available in three sizes 100cm, 115am and 130cm featuring a barrel which allows the assembly of an additional circular sling.

The wooden barrel also features some unique accessories, allowing the user to find the personal perfect balance for his weapon, and greatly increase shooting accuracy. The small chamber featured at the front edge of the barrell allows the user to insert non-crushable polyurethane foam made floaters for positive floating or lead weights for a negative effect. These accessories are supplied with the speargun.

OMER Cobra Speargun 90cm $690.00 $625.00  
OMER Cobra Speargun 100cm Circolare $790.00 $695.00  
OMER Cobra Speargun 115cm Circolare $833.00 $715.00  
OMER Cobra Speargun 130cm Circolare $905.00 $765.00  

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