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book_lastofthebluewater.jpg Last of the Blue Water Hunters Book
$15.95 $14.35
by Carlos Eyles

2005 reissue with new cover art and design!

The Last of the Blue Water Hunters is the culmination of man's long trek back to the sea and his encounter with the stunning creatures that roam beneath the surface of the oceans. It is about a handful of men who broke down the final barricades of ocean myths and made their way into the last wilderness, armed with only their courage and driven by an insatiable curiosity. It is also about the sea, as viewed not by the scientist or the naturalist, but by the hunter, who sees it with a sharp, all-encompassing eye, exposing the reader to an ocean world that is never seen by the majority of divers. This is the extraordinary true account of the greatest divers in the world. Carlos takes us from his early beginnings on the island of Hawaii to his own apprenticeship with the "blue water tribe" in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico during the 1960s. There he learns to stalk the powerful game fish that inhabit the deep waters. Then, after twenty years of blue water hunting, he returns to the island of Catalina where he fulfills his dream of living off the sea using only a speargun to sustain himself. The climax of this book is an incredible expedition to the far reaches of the ocean world; the deep Pacific, the last frontier of the blue water hunter, where he stalks the giant blue fin tuna.

book_freedive!.jpg Freedive! Book
$45.95 $41.35
by Terry Maas and David Sipperly

Recognized leaders in the sport of freediving, Terry Maas and David Sipperly combine their experience and research to present the most comprehensive book on the subject ever printed. Learn from experts Basic freediving Advanced freediving Dazzling photography

book_bluewaterhunting.jpg Blue Water Hunting and Freediving Book
$39.95 $35.95
Book by Terry Maas

Recognized worldwide as a master of bluewater hunting, Terry Maas shares secrets learned by hundreds of divers over decades. Their personal experiences lead readers through exciting adventures in the open water environment. This book will give novice and experienced divers new eyes with which to view a seldom-seen part of our world. Whether hunting with a camera or a speargun, this is a must-read for those who seek the ultimate in self reliance and personal challenge.

book_theblueedge.jpg The Blue Edge Book
$16.95 $15.25
by Carlos Eyles

In this near mystical journey, Carlos returns to the once bountiful Sea of Cortez he explored as a free diver over thirty years ago. Finding it lacking, he continues on to a distant archipelago, one rumored to hold great fish and sharks by the thousands, soaring manta rays, and breaching whales. Here on the ocean's edge, he takes the reader on breath-hold dives into an extremely dangerous yet magical realm.

book_dolphinborne.jpg Dolphin Borne Book
$15.95 $14.35
by Carlos Eyles

Dolphin Borne is an adventure story. One that holds the body, the mind and the spirit in critical jeopardy. Veteran blue water hunter Ray Messias and Novice Andy McCorkin have been swept into the dangerous waters of the Sea of Cortez, and must survive by their skills and what they carry. Carlos Eyles weaves a masterly tale that twists and turns with the unexpected that only someone who has spent a lifetime in the water could draw upon. Here in the far reaches of the ocean wilderness, the peril becomes overwhelming, the impossible becomes possible, the real becomes surreal and the messenger becomes the message. The book is at once a breathtaking adventure and a learning experience of the highest order.

book_spearfishing_barsky.jpg Spearfishing: For Skin and Scuba Divers Book
$15.95 $14.35
by Steve Barsky

Complete book for the beginning Spear Fisherman.

book_calilobsterdiving.jpg California Lobster Diving Book
$15.95 $14.35
by Kristine and Steve Barsky

California Lobster Diving is your inside guide to the secrets of successful lobster hunting. This book represents the combined experience of more than 50 years of lobster diving, with all the tips, hints and "classified information" you need to catch lobsters and come home with a bag full of "bugs!" Included in this book is the following information:

  • Biology of lobsters; their habits and habitat
  • Lobster diving regulations
  • Where to hunt for lobsters
  • Gear selection
  • Gear rigging
  • Lobster grabbing techniques
  • How to cook lobsters
  • How to get the most meat out of a lobster
If you are a novice lobster diver you will find this book invaluable!

book_fishespacificcoast.jpg Fishes of the Pacific Coast Book
$15.95 $14.35
by Gar Goodson

Alaska to Peru, including the Gulf of California and the Galapagos Islands. Excellent handbook for identifying fishes of the Pacific.

book_marineinvertebrates.jpg Guide to Marine Invertebrates - Alaska to Baja California Book
$22.95 $20.65
by Daniel W. Gotshall

Picture guide to west coast marine invertebrates.

book_coastalfish.jpg Coastal Fish Identification Book
$32.95 $29.65
by Paul Humann

Authoritative but user-friendly format takes the guesswork out of visually identifying more than 250 fish species that inhabit the West Coast of North America.

book_calmarinelife.jpg California Marine Life Book
$24.95 $22.45
By Marty Snyderman

A practical reference guide to the common marine species found along the California coast, identifying the behavior, habitats and interactions of California's rich kingdom of marine wildlife.

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