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Freediving and Spearfishing Trips aboard the Peace Boat
Presented by Blue Water Hunter!

Peace Boat Dive Trips

New Dates for 2016!

Please join us on our chartered trips to the Channel Islands. These trips will fill up quickly so please place reservations ASAP.

All one (1) day trips leave the night before. 2:00AM depart. We strongly suggest being on the boat by 10:00PM.

All multi-day trips depart at 9:00PM the night before.

All trips are strictly freediving and limited to 22 divers maximum. No tanks please.

The Peace Boat is located in the Ventura Harbor below Island Packers.

All food included. You need to bring your fishing license, a sleeping bag, a cooler with ice, and BYOB.

Please review our cancellation policy before signing up.

Click here for photo highlights from past Peace trips.

Peace Dive Trips
One-day trips to Santa Cruz/Santa Rosa Islands are listed first, followed by two- and three-day trips to Cortes Banks/Santa Barbara Island.

Dive Trip - March 11th 2016, Friday Santa Cruz / Santa Rosa
Lobster Special- Departs 2am March 11th

Dive Trip - April 15th 2016 Friday- Santa Cruz / Santa Rosa
Departs 2am April 15th

Dive Trip - May 20th 2016 Friday- Santa Cruz / Santa Rosa
Departs 2am May 20th

Dive Trip - June 16-17th 2016- Thurs-Fri.- Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa
Sea bass special! Two day trip to Santa Cruz/Santa Rosa Island aboard the Peace boat. Departs 2AM on June 16th.

Dive Trip - June 18th , 19th and 20th 2016 Sat, Sun, Mon- Cruz / Rosa - $550.00
Departs 2am June 18th

Dive Trip - July 25th -Mon -2016 Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa
1 Day Spearfishing trip to Santa Rosa / Santa Cruz Island aboard the Peace boat. Monday July 25th. Departs 2am on the 25th.

Dive Trip - August 15, 16, 17th 2016- Mon, Tues, Wed- Cortes Banks / Santa Barbara Is.
Yellowtail Special Departs 9pm Aug 14th

Dive Trip - September 12th-13th 2016 Monday-Tuesday- Cortes Banks / Santa Barbara Is.
Yellowtail Special!!! Departs 9pm Sept 11th- $395.00

Chartered Freediving and Spearfishing Trips to the Channel Islands

Cancellation Policy
All one (1) day trips require 72 hours notice for cancellation. Multi-day trips require 14 days notice for cancellation.
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Offshore Odysseys is a local chartered boat company currently traveling the world. An itinerary of destinations can be viewed at our web site. Spend two weeks snorkeling, diving, surfing, freediving and relaxing!

Contact Blue Water Hunter at (805)294-0013 for more information. Visit the Offshore Odysseys web site for itinerary.


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