Diving Safety Tips

Thermal Protection

The most important piece of equipment in safe and successful free diving is your diving suit. How warm and comfortable you are throughout your diving exposure is the key to full enjoyment of the sport. Your ability to stay concentrated, consistently make the right decisions, move freely, avoid fatigue and stay in the water for a long duration is all dependent on the quality and design of your diving suit. This is true regardless of whether you are free diving in tropical waters or in extremely cold waters. What makes one suit have a higher thermal value than another suit is the amount of gas trapped in the closed cells of the neoprene material.

A free diving suit must allow for full movement, while creating a thermal barrier for the diver by sealing out water. This contributes to the diver's ability to see and stalk fish, while not compromising his/her stamina through heat loss and wasted energy moving against the dive suit.

To sum up the qualities necessary in a fine free dive suit:

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